Different types of Cartridges-Batteries

Vape pens and handheld vaporizers are taking the cannabis and tobacco industries by storm. You can find a vape pen or handheld vaporizer at almost any corner store, supermarket, or gas station. The problem that arises is compatibility. Will a tobacco vaporizer work with cannabis cartridges? Does the battery from one handheld vaporizer interchange with another vaporizer? How does one figure out what works with what when the connectors appear to fit together? Answering all of these questions is difficult because each vaporizer needs to be analyzed individually in order to determine if it is interchangeable. This creates a headache of spare parts for people who enjoy handheld vaporizers for tobacco and cannabis. Luckily, there are brands within both industries that have products that cater to both tobacco enthusiasts and cannabis patients.

What are the different types of Cartridges?

There are currently too many different types of cartridges to list, but the connection point is the important part. As long as the connection point is compatible, most cartridges are interchangeable depending upon the pen/tool/vape. This helps when it comes to determining the right medicine for your individual needs because you have the ability to try a wide variety of products with one tool. Take note of all the features of every device, and specifically, the temperature the heating element hits.

Do all Cartridges use the same type of Batteries and chargers?

Unfortunately, no. There are some pens/tools/vapes that have interchangeable batteries and chargers, but it is unwise to use a battery or charger not designed specifically for your pen/tool/vape. The reason is because the connection point might be the same, but different amperes and voltages can be found within similar looking batteries and chargers. A change in either of these can cause lasting damage to your pen/tool/vape and/or lead to explosive consequences. If you haven’t seen videos of exploding vape pens, search on your favorite video sharing service for examples of poorly manufactured vape pens/handheld devices.

Why are there different types of Cartridges and Batteries?

Just like with cell phones, there are reasons behind creating proprietary batteries and cartridges. Developers and designers know this and use it to their advantage while trying to maintain usability for patients. This is where things get annoying because patients end up suffering by having left over cartridges, pens/tools/vapes, and batteries that are useless for no good reason other than making a few extra dollars. Capitalism can be good, but when it comes to patients receiving their medicine, it leads to situations where patients are stuck trying to determine the best cartridges and batteries for their individual pens/tools/vapes.

Will there ever be a universal Cartridge and Battery?

Probably not. There will probably never be a universal cartridge and/or battery for medical cannabis because the industry is being commercialized like any other industry. This leads to situations where there are multiple manufacturers competing for the same space, and the only way to gain a leg up is to differentiate product. Differentiating product always revolves around the battery and input methods these days.

Finding the right vape pen or handheld vaporizer for your personal use is a decision only you can make. Research the type of battery and method of charging to make sure it is the right type of vape pen or handheld vaporizer for your needs. Understand that batteries and charging methods are specific to each vape pen or handheld vaporizer and it is not advised switching batteries between devices. Ask your favorite dispensary representative or delivery man about different vape pen/handheld device options for cannabis patients.

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