Vape Cartridges-Benefit of Discretion

Vaping technology is advancing at a cheetah’s pace. Everyday there are new devices, new cartridges, and new mixes being created for the tobacco and cannabis industry. The blossoming vaporizer industry is a great help for tobacco enthusiasts and cannabis patients around the globe. One of the prevailing factors of this emerging market is the benefit of discretion. The option to vape in discreet locations has become a huge benefit for vape users because it allows them to go about their daily activities without having to worry about smelly clothes from tobacco/cannabis smoke or the social stigma from participating in smoking.

What are Vape Cartridges?

Vape Cartridges are the new way to administer medical cannabis through a “pen” like vaporizer or handheld device. As modern technology advances, so do the tools to administer medication. Medical cannabis is no different and the availability of vape cartridges in the industry proves this point. Cannabis vaporizers have been around for years, however, they have been bulky boxes or machines that involved waiting a large amount of time for the heating element to get up to temperature. Once up to temperature, old style vaporizers generally employ a long rope or bag to transport vaporized cannabis into the user. Bulky, long wait time, and inconvenient ingestion method has made old style vaporizers obsolete. Handheld vaporizers and vape pens employ vape cartridges in a method that tackles all of these complaints. A handheld vaporizer or vape pen is small, heats up within seconds, and offers a convenient method of cannabis ingestion(simple mouthpiece draw similar to a musical instrument mouthpiece).

How are Vape Cartridges considered discrete?

Unlike bongs, pipes, Volcano™ bags, and assorted other methods of administering medical cannabis, vape cartridges have the benefit of being easily administered in a discreet manner in multiple locations where the aforementioned tools can not be used. The small size and pen like manner in which Vape Cartridges are sold makes them easily transported as well.

Is it legal to use a Vape Cartridge in places where Medical Marijuana is not allowed?

No. It is not legal to use a Vape Cartridge in places where medical marijuana is not allowed. The simple thought process is that you can use your vape cartridge anywhere it is legal to smoke cigarettes. In California, laws are strict with regards to cigarette smoking, and they are similarly strict for using vape cartridges with medical marijuana.

Should I buy Vape Cartridges instead of Medical Cannabis flowers?

This comes down to personal preference. If you want to use Vape Cartridges instead of medical cannabis flowers, by all means, use them to your hearts delight. The reality of medical marijuana is that patients are looking for relief from their pain. If you get better pain relief by using Vape Cartridges compared to burning flowers in a pipe or bong, then by all means continue to use Vape Cartridges. One does not necessarily work better than the other because every individual reacts differently to the active ingredients in medical cannabis.

The choice to vape or use traditional methods of tobacco/cannabis ingestion is up to you. No one can tell you one way or another which method works best because it is a personal preference. There are benefits and downsides to every method of cannabis ingestion. Make sure to research any means of ingestion before you use it because there are noticeable differences. Vaping can be considered “safer” than traditional methods, but the definitive science on the matter will not be available for years to come. Vape cartridges will continue to evolve and offer the benefit of discretion for tobacco/cannabis users.

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