Dangers of Untested Cannabis Products

Cannabis products are appearing in states across the nation and it is important to differentiate between tested and untested products. Cannabis has been around for a long time, but only recently have cannabis products been tested in mass allowing patients to fully understand what is present within their medicine. Testing cannabis also enables dispensaries to avoid purchasing and selling moldy, infested, or otherwise cannabis unhealthy to consume. Everyone is safer now that testing is widespread throughout the cannabis industry. As testing continues to grow, it will become mainstay within the industry.

What are the dangers of untested Cannabis products?

The dangers of untested cannabis products can include minor illness all the way to possible cancers. Due to the restrictive nature of federal testing, the true dangers of cannabis can not fully be studied, however, medical cannabis friendly states have opened the door to at least regulating what is known about cannabis based cannabinoids. As the industry continues to grow across the nation, studies will finally be completed that prove the medical benefits of cannabis. Those of us who have already been exposed to the effects of cannabis are well aware of the medical potential contained within cannabis.

Are there untested Cannabis products in dispensaries?

Unfortunately, yes. In almost every scenario, having tested cannabis is beneficial for dispensary and patient, but obtaining tested cannabis products 100% of the time is not always doable. When patients need medicine, it is up to the dispensaries to delivery, and untested cannabis can find its way onto dispensary shelves out of sheer necessity. Now, there is no immediate reason to freak out if you ingest untested cannabis. For years, untested cannabis was the only thing available to anyone needing relief, and because of this, there are things to check before ingesting untested cannabis. Always inspect your cannabis for mold, bugs, or odd smells. If you detect any of these problems, dispose of your cannabis immediately.

How can I tell if the Cannabis product I am about to use has been tested or not?

Tested cannabis is labeled with the tested information. You will be able to determine cannabinoids present in cannabis products and any further information provided by the manufacturer will be present on the label. Fully understanding ingredients available in your medicine will help better control dosages. It will also keep you from ingesting dangerous chemicals that could cause future medical problems.

Should I be testing Cannabis products myself?

It takes special equipment to properly test cannabis. Specifically, a gas chromatograph. If you have access to, or own, such a machine, you can test cannabis products yourself. These machines are expensive and there are businesses available that offer testing services for a multitude of cannabis products. If you are interested in cannabis testing, ask your local dispensary or look online for a local service provider. Prices vary depending upon service provider, but expect to be charged anywhere from $30-120 per test.

There are dangers with any untested medicine, and it is in your interest to pay attention to modern testing when it comes to cannabis. There’s no reason to continue ingesting untested cannabis products because it is easy to obtain tested cannabis products. People continue to use their street dealers because of price concerns, but believe us, the prices in the dispensaries and delivery companies are starting to eclipse the price of your local street dealer when it comes to cannabis products, and the regulated products are thoroughly tested! It really is a no brainer to obtain your cannabis products from a safe, consistent source like a delivery company or dispensary.

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